Crypto Poetry Anthology


The Crypto Poetry Anthology brings together the incredible talent of 40 poets and 40 visual artists in one NFT book.

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Crypto poetry is the newest wave in NFTs, and it’s about to make a big splash.

This monumental collaboration between 40 poets and 40 artists brings together the best of the literary and artistic worlds into one spectacular publication that perfectly captures the cryptoart zeitgeist.

Redlion Studios and the Crypto Writers collective — two groups in the thick of the web3 publishing revolution — have joined forces to bring you a publication that marks a new era in art and literature, one of collaboration and novel literary experiences. Each of the poems and artworks in this anthology builds a world unto itself, but between the words and their visual expression is born an entirely new experience of both poetry and art.

We invite you to dive into an immersive poetic experience.

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