Forever Punks

Vol. 1


For Punks by Punks. A museum-quality physical book worthy of the greatest digital collection of all time, CryptoPunks. No two books are alike: Every cover is unique and displays the book owner's Punk. Based on information gathered from owners, AI-generated stories adorn each page of the tome.

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This is a one-of-a-kind production, befitting the one-of-a-kind collection.

Redlion Studios is proud to offer a bespoke, museum-quality hardcover book. Buyers get their punk and chosen background color on the cover.

Crack the cover for more than pretty pixels. The book is an homage to the Punks’ legacy & a decentralized lore-building adventure. Each page features a different CryptoPunk with a bio. We’ve gathered owner inputs and run them through GPT-4: it’s an experimental AI generative writing process!

Confirmed Punks in the book:

redlioneye, dudly_art, tea_eye1, PyrcC, punk3988, sergitosergito, 0xRedPunk, brennen_eth, RasterEyes_, CozomoMedici, KoroMonjya, Seths, MetasNomadic, sillytuna, punkysabrina, Barcellapunk, AllCityBAYC, GreekFreakNFT, OnlyToasted, Tschuuuuly, arigatopunk, ars0nic, hidden_mass, omz_nft, Barthazian, c0mput3rxz, VonMises14, Charley, ross_dallbricht, Wilcox_NFT, ArcaChemist, alexxshadow, RonaldoVamo, poopcowboy, songadaymann, niftynaut, ArtOnBlockchain, MeiCar68, seedphrase, TokenAngels, _deafbeef, punk3606, punk9968, matthall2000, pents90.

"For Punks by Punks"

Through this experimental NFT and book pairing, we created a unique tribute that adds value to both the participating Punks and the collection as a whole.

Physical Book

  • Page size 24 x 24 cm (9.45 inch.)
  • Museum quality materials
  • Personalized hardcover with artificial leather and stitches
  • Embossed letters
  • Laminated PVC heavy-weight pages


  • Certificates of used materials
  • Redlion Studios' provenance certificate
  • White gloves
  • International shipping

Some final details

  • Your punk will be on the cover of your physical book as well as the NFT
  • Each mint will imprint the Punk story on-chain, forever.
  • 1 book/punk, owners can only add 1 punk per book


A walkthrough on how to enjoy Forever Punks Vol. 1. It's a work of fine art, so let's start with spending some time admiring the beautiful cover with your Punk on it.

Now slowly run your fingers over the beautiful back, feel the texture, the embossed letters, and take it all in, slowly.

It will not be long before the inside of the palm slides up and down the spine. Your fingers should softly hover and caress over your embossed Punk's #; the spine, the backbone of this journey has been this unique identity. Feel the joy of having had the fortune to meet your Punk and to be one with it.

What an occasion, what a day that must have been for the child in you who's found a powerful alter-ego, and, an adult who's found freedom in an identity free from the past.

We know you'll be holding it for a while, so let's take the book to touch some grass, and enjoy a nice gm in its company.

Well, it's time to now read the stories, ones that AI weaved together with the fine threads that you shared with us. Each story is unique and exciting and gives us glimpses into the journey of the featured Punks.

Below, you can see Redlioneye clearly immersed in the experience, and most likely reading his own story for the 100th time. Absolutely justified as our journey in Web 3 started with "guilty pleasures" if you remember, and we continue to stay true to its essence.

Now we are not entirely sure why he is standing and reading, but boy! That sure is a nice photograph.

As we come to the end of this walkthrough, or rather experience, we would like to say that life is a series of moments, good, bad, and ugly stitched together. If you've found yourself with a good thread, you sure will have a great story at the end of it all. We surely have the best quality threads used for this book, and in the colors you chose.

Each life is unique, and so is a Punk and thereby its story too. This was the driving motive behind the crafting of Forever Punks Vol.1. A book, a collectible, a unique token, and a work of art that will remain forever on-chain and in the warmth of your abodes.

Thank you :)

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