Redlion Gazette Covers

Collection 2021


An NFT-physical book collection of Redlion Gazette covers and articles chronicling 2021.

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Physical book information

  • Bound: Hardcover with Spot UV Gloss Coating
  • Size: 250 x 323,5 mm (9.8" x 12.7")
  • Paper: Glossy quality book paper 250 GSM
  • Pages: 110

Package content

  • Handmade box
  • Framed cover artwork
  • 3 Redlion stickers
  • 2 quality resin-coated soft magnets


Once sales are over we will open a contact form available only to token owners to claim their physicals here on this page. After filling the contact address any NFT ownership change won't take any effect.

Estimated date of delivery: During March (will be specified later)

Bonus Content

  • Printable cover art posters
  • Hi-res video loops

The 'Redlion Gazette Covers: Collection 2021' is an NFT along with a physical hardcover book you will be entitled to once minted. 2021 was a pivotal year for NFTs and so was it for Redlion News. A year that changed the face of art & media and catapulted it into the future. The idea behind releasing a physical NFT was to encapsulate everything, all the highs & lows, dips & peaks of this eventful year, and how we portrayed them through our weekly animated Gazette covers.

The book contains the most memorable news the space witnessed and which Redlion duly reported in its issues; a holistic experience of what a particular week in 2021 was like down to the price of BTC & ETH. Redlion News has had the opportunity to observe and record these moments from the beginning like none other.

It will also include details of all the ArtDrops by acclaimed artists in the space today that were dropped with the issues. We truly believe these moments in history will be referred to in the future as Web 3.0 continues to develop and rise to steadier heights.

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