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A team of Hashmask and BAYC misfits seeks to recover a mysterious mask.

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This comic book is featuring long scrolling panels that can be navigated using mouse scroll, dragging with the mouse, or tap and drag on mobile devices.

Use the side navigation or arrows keys <- –> to turn pages.

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Metawanderers follows the story of Lin (Hashmask #14249) and two ape brothers (BAYC #8082) in their quest to recover a mysterious mask that will restore Lin's powers and help her find her way home. Join them as they cross paths with a legendary dragon warrior (Hashmask #690) and ape gangsters (BAYC #8083 and #8950) in the world of Avatartown.

This project is also a playground to experiment with what can be done with digital support not bound to a physical page format.

Bartholomew Littlesilver

Comic artist and NFT collector

  • Bartholomew Littlesilver has been a professional comic artist and illustrator for the past six years, working not only on comics but also on character designs for video games, fantasy illustration, board games design and more. In November 2020 he starts working with ETH-MEN comics and enters the NFT and crypto world.

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