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Best friends, Bahdoon & Yunee, receive a strange package in the mail one day. Little do they know that they'll be spending their quiet little summer trying to escape DEFI-Verse.

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Bahdoon & Yunee venture into the strange and beautiful world of the DEFI-Verse after being absorbed by the GAMA-64. Inside they must find the fabled 4-D OMNICUBE in order to escape. But the forces of a mysterious adversary want them to stay forever and be part of their DeFi collection.


Captain Palawan

Writer, surfer, and bad influence

  • Captain Palawan has been a long time writer of sci-fi and fantasy stories. He has worked on short film screenplays, novels, comic books, theater, and video games. In November 2020, he joined the ETH-MEN team as their writer and sacrificial lamb. Outside of his writing career, he enjoys working in animal sanctuaries, helping community outreaches, and smoking a good bowl of pipe tobacco.

Davide Lofrano

Freelance illustrator and NFT artist

  • David Lofrano is 21 years old NFT artist, street artist, and freelance illustrator, based in the mountains of southern Italy. He worked mainly as a street artist but has also worked as an inker of ETH-MEN comics. When he’s not drawing, he loves to travel and meet people, take some tasty ice-cold beer and go camping in his country fully surrounded by nature.

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