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ETH-MEN Origins: Zieg explores the tragic backstory of General Zieg long before he became the feared Warlord of Gataxia

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ETH-MEN: Origins

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In the ancient lands of Planet Ur, the mighty Ghurkians have long waged wars against their planetary neighbours. General Zieg, the most cunning and talented of the Ghurkians, emerges as the great conqueror who will unite Gataxia underneath the Emperor's domain. But the path to glory is riddled with jealousy & treachery. With foes on both side of the war, General Zieg must battle with tooth and nail to emerge victorious or become another warrior lost in Ghurkian history.


Captain Palawan

Writer, surfer, and bad influence

  • Captain Palawan has been a long time writer of sci-fi and fantasy stories. He has worked on short film screenplays, novels, comic books, theater, and video games. In November 2020, he joined the ETH-MEN team as their writer and sacrificial lamb. Outside of his writing career, he enjoys working in animal sanctuaries, helping community outreaches, and smoking a good bowl of pipe tobacco.

Bartholomew Littlesilver

Comic artist and NFT collector

  • Bartholomew Littlesilver has been a professional comic artist and illustrator for the past six years, working not only on comics but also on character designs for video games, fantasy illustration, board games design and more. In November 2020 he starts working with ETH-MEN comics and enters the NFT and crypto world.

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