Monuments of the Past


Mysteries surround a pilgrim seeking monuments of the past.

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Negative Vibrations



Graphic Novel



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Etimadera is the first installment of a silent graphic novel that follows the mysteries surrounding a pilgrim seeking forgotten monuments of the past.

Etimadera: Monuments of the Past is a standalone project within Maciej Drabik's Etimadera universe. The narrative follows the mysterious Yesseri Gatta, a man on a pilgrimage seeking monuments of the past. Join Yesseri as he explores forgotten worlds and manipulates the matter around him.

This 53-page graphic novel was created with a mix of 3D and 2D techniques by renowned concept artist and illustrator Maciej Drabik (@NegativeVibrat1), known for his work on Netflix hit The Witcher, Metro Exodus as well as projects completed for Electronic Arts and VaynerMedia.

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